Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers


What is Tigers Eye?

Tiger's Eye is a golden-yellow to reddish-brown gemstone with a silky sheen, translucent opaque, and iron streak. In the past, tiger eye stones were often used as amulets against curses and spells.

Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers
Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/tiger-eye-mineral-texture-gm1068340860-285766353

Typically, tiger eyes are yellowish in color. It is said to be a powerful amulet that helps oneself free from fear and anxiety.

Furthermore, it promotes harmony and balance, especially for the mind.

What does a Tigers Eye Represent?

The tiger eye symbolizes the strength, bravery and courage of the tiger and has been revered throughout history and around the world. Let's take a look at how different cultures define tiger eyes.

The early Egyptians were fascinated by the tiger's eye. Because of its shimmering light, it is thought to symbolize the sky above. Also, the famous sculptures of their great deities have tiger eyes as their real eyes.

Remember the Romans? They have a tiger's eye on their chainmail, which acts as a sort of "protective mystery". They are also big fans of Eye of the Tiger.

Roman soldiers also wore them as a sign of valor in battle.

For the Chinese, tiger eye stone is of great significance. They revere it because it symbolizes one of the zodiac signs – the tiger. It is believed that tigers are responsible for all the mundane physical pleasures we experience with our senses.

In Africa, the lion is the king of the jungle – but not in the East. They see the tiger as the apex predator – the top of the food chain – the true "king" of all beasts.

Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers
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Therefore, it can also be considered that there is supreme energy in the tiger's eyes. This energy provides its bearer with control over their being, body, mind, and spirit.

Have you heard of the "all seeing eye" or "the all-seeing eye"? Did you know that tiger eye stones are these two?

Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers
Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/wood-light-nature-love-6806708/

Dating back to ancient times, the concept of the all-seeing eye has rocked the world and is described differently depending on a country's cultural expression.

Some believe it depicts the eye of God as if it were the source of goodness.

Others claim it is evil – hence the evil eye belief.

No matter what the world thinks about tiger eye, it is undeniable that it has been and will always be one of the most exciting and historic stones.

Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye    

Tiger Eye has many great healing properties. Let's continue to dig into it.


Are you suffering from depression? Are you always lonely? Do you feel like your life has never really made sense?

don’t worry! Get yourself a tiger's eye stone. It is surrounded by an emotionally solid healing magic that relieves any pain, sadness, depression, anxiety, fear or any negative energy in its wielder.


It is believed that the vitality of the tiger's eye can help its bearer escape the bondage of grief and resentment, ultimately propelling you in a positive direction. It's also very effective for those who feel like they have nowhere to go.

If you feel stuck, the Tigers Eye crystal should be your best friend.

Whether you're lacking in self-confidence or frustrated by a breakup with a long-term partner, tiger eye stones can lift your spirits and help you overcome emotional barriers.

Tigers Eye can help you address your emotional needs with no limit – even those due to financially related situations. Its capabilities are limitless, and it keeps you safe from any toxicity that usually causes mental distress for everyone.


If you are looking to strengthen your blood or balance your endocrine system, Tigers Eye is the way to go. It's dynamic and ready to rescue someone from fear. Tigers Eye exudes incredible power from its bold aura.

Other physical therapy benefits include:

Significantly Increased Metabolism: Tiger eye is believed to help maintain proper metabolic flow to its holder's body, helping to maintain weight.

Energy Awakening: If you are feeling light and weak, Tiger Eye can help. It releases vital and positive energy that can get anyone on their feet.

Smoother libido: Now, things get interesting. Tigers Eye not only exudes positivity or provides better flow to your body, but it also helps its bearer achieve a higher libido. So if you and your partner are having issues, you better get yourself a tiger eye!

Promotes Hormone Balance: Tigers Eye is effective for people with symptoms of hormonal imbalances such as weight gain, fatigue, muscle pain, etc.

Furthermore, the tiger eye represents the rays of the sun as it sends magical waves to its bearer, helping to reduce stress and depression.


Since tiger eye effectively removes negative energy, it becomes a unique companion to take care of your spiritual life.

Did you know that everyone has super powers? Yes, you read that right! More than a quarter believe that humans have spiritual powers. Everyone is a psychic, but not everyone can tap into their power and fully open it up for use.

Wait, what does this have to do with Tiger Eyes? Are your eyebrows raised? Your question is spot on! Let's put it this way: Tiger Eyes can help you activate your psychic powers. Tiger Eyes are believed to "amplify" the psychic abilities of their wielders. Ultimately, it leads to opening the "third eye".

Tigers Eye Uses & Metaphysical Properties

In addition to its rich history, tiger eye is also known for its healing properties. It can also be worn as an accessory or jewelry.

Wearing Tigers Eye

As powerful as the Tigers Eye, it can be worn in many ways. It can also elevate your fashion statement as it can be used as an ornament. One of the most popular Tigers Eye accessories is the bracelet. There are hundreds of thousands of tiger eye bracelets sold online. They are mostly round and oval, and they look glowy.

Tigers Eye jewelry is also shaking up the online world. Rings, necklaces, earrings, piercings and others are just some of the most gorgeous gems found on different websites.

Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers
Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/unrecognizable-person-with-handmade-silver-ring-4073152/

It's no surprise that Tigers Eye products are loved by many for the benefits that come with wearing them.

Tigers Eye at Home                                             

In Feng Shui, tiger eyes are believed to bring good luck. It is represented by the element of fire, which acts as light during dark times. If you have a tiger's eye in your home, it can have a positive effect on the entire house. It also promotes confidence and initiative to achieve life goals.

Also, a great way to use tiger eye at home is to enhance the gossip map. The Bagua diagram has different areas, and the tiger's eye stone can provide positive energy to these areas, strengthening family relationships and bonds.

Tigers Eye at Work

If you are working towards your goals, tiger eye stones can increase your chances. It doesn't matter if you own a company, a business or just an employee. The aggressive and fearless qualities of Tiger Eye will bring you success.

There are many ways to associate glamour with your work. Wear the Tiger Eye Bracelet, or keep the Tiger Eye Totem on your desk. Also, remember to work hard because success is always next to hard work.

Don't get confused, though. If you want to be famous, tiger eye may not be for you. Success and fame are two different animals.

Only you can make yourself famous.

Meditation with Tigers Eye

Have you had sleep problems lately? Are you stressed or depressed? Try meditation. This is a great way to relax the senses and calm the mind. If you want to escape the hardships in your life, stand up, close your eyes, and think calmly.

Tigers Eye can help revitalize your meditation practice. The healing properties and power of the tiger's eye ignite an inner fire that helps maintain tranquility while meditating.

Several online blogs and articles can provide you with detailed information about the Tiger Eye Guided Meditation practice.

People and relationships

In terms of its mind-related healing properties, Tiger Eye also has a firm grip on your relationship. Not only does it heal your body, mind and spirit, it also revitalizes any scar caused by anyone.

It is probably one of the most useful powers of Tiger Eye. Your connection with those around you is critical to your existence. If there is any misunderstanding or misunderstanding, the rich positive energy contained in Tiger Eye should be enough to heal them.

It's true; it feels good to have strong relationships with those around you – your family, friends and colleagues.

Tigers Eye Crystal Therapies

Known as the 18th Anniversary Gem, the Tigers Eye crystal has incredible healing powers. It encourages a stable yin and yang and emotional state. Tiger eye crystals are also helpful in treating damage or pain in the eyes, throat, and reproductive organs.

Tiger eye crystals also help to correct and strengthen the spine position. It can also effectively relieve the pain of broken bones.

Other therapeutic benefits of Tiger Eye Crystal:

· Focus

· Clear mind

· Develop willpower

· Happy life

Tigers Eye and Chakras

Chakras are different focal points used in a range of ancient meditation methods. Chakras can be found in such a concept in early Hindu practices. What the chakras do is absorb energy by spinning. Rotation is done to maintain the health of the body, body, mind and spirit.

The tiger's eye gemstone is associated with three chakra areas: the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus chakra.

It is believed that chakras can be blocked and eventually opened. Tigers Eye can be an important part of solving the mystery of blocked chakras. All you need to do is place the tiger's eye on the area of the chakra that needs to be awakened and meditate. Focus on your breathing pattern, inhaling and exhaling slowly and thoroughly.

If you are struggling with anxiety, uncertainty and anger, awakening the root chakra can help. On the other hand, if you want to overcome your fear of feelings, you need to awaken the sacral chakra. Finally, opening the solar plexus chakra can help restore lost confidence.

The chakras are life, and tiger eyes improve life in a unique way.

Tigers Eye Shapes and Forms

Just like any other gemstone, tiger eye stones come in different shapes and forms. The most popular shapes are round or oval. Round Tigers Eye can be made into buttons, accessories, apparel design, home or office landscaping, wallpaper and more. On the other hand, an oval tiger eye can be turned into a rolling stone, cobblestone, cabochon, etc.

Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers
Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/pebble-of-tiger-eye-mineral-gm883055018-245653255

Another known tiger eye shape is the pyramid. Some of the most famous pyramid-shaped tiger eyes are small obelisks and totems used as amulets and even as designs.

Tigers Eye also made a unique piece of jewelry. Regardless of the many shapes and forms it takes, it produces beautiful ornaments. For example, tiger's eye stone harvested from South Africa is mixed and dyed and perfectly shaped into quartz in different colors.

Manufacturers can customize plates using any available material. Tiger eye boards have been a trend for their artistic look. Most tiger eye boards are used as "chargers". sounds good.

You might be wondering how to use these charging pads. Well, it doesn't charge – it's as if it provides electricity. It provides positive energy. It's simple: put any item on it and the Tiger's Eye will optimize its positive energy.

A well known type of tiger eye charging pad is the Orgone charging pad. Since its creation, Orgone energy has been used for a variety of positive reasons. Orgones have been shown to help with everything from awakening blocked chakras to improving sleep patterns.

Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers
Source: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/667025394788511468/

Orgone energy has many beneficial properties. Orgone charging pads are called Orgonite devices. Its plate produces a purifying effect, purifies the environment and creates a better feeling for you.

Tiger eye stone is also used to make handicrafts and sculptures. Popular products include Angel Sculptures, Skull Pendants, Sitting Buddha Statues, Crystal Skulls, Carved Dolphins, Crystal Eggs and more. Any product made with Tigers Eye becomes extra special.

Tigers Eye Crystal Combination

Let's take a look at some of the best crystal combinations for Tiger Eye!

Tigers Eye – Brown Jasper

Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers
Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/brecciated-jasper-gm172973781-6882558

When tiger's eye is combined with brown jasper, it becomes a strong protective stone. This is important for those who want to maintain a balance in their lives and good health.

Tigers Eye (Yellow) – Sunstone

Earlier, we learned about the three chakras ruled by the tiger's eye. One of them is the solar plexus. When the yellow tiger stone is paired with the sun stone, it exudes a powerful vibe.

Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers
Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/uncut-sunstone-gm576909520-99155513

These two stones fit together perfectly because Tigers Eye echoes the wonderful vibrations that sun stones have.

Tigers Eye – Citrine

Tiger eye plus citrine equals abundance – life's easiest equation to understand!

Citrine is called "the stone of abundance". In terms of financial abundance, it attracts all the positives. It is also extremely good for your chakras as the rich stones have incredible power and they become energized.

Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers
Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/pebble-of-citrine-mineral-gem-stone-isolated-gm516388888-88966169

The positive energy of Tigers Eye and the rich magnets brought by Citrine are a sight to behold.

Tigers Eye – Pyrite

If you are a Leo, you may have a big smile on your face because this combination is for you! Pyrite is derived from the Greek word "pry", which is defined as "fire". If you want a cleaner conscience and a satisfied mind, the Tigers Eye – Pyrite combo is for you to try.

Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers
Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/pyrite-crystals-gm943000518-257688967

With its bright and warm energy, The Tiger's Eye promotes awareness and steadfastness, as well as drive, determination and bravery. You can try other beautiful combinations using the amazing Tigers Eye gemstone, but the ones listed above are the best.

Tigers Eye Origin

Tiger eye is commonly found in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, China and Spain. However, the main source of tiger's eye is actually in Griquatown West, South Africa.

Tigers Eye Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Who would have thought that who should wear a tiger eye has a zodiac-based rule? that's right! Let's find out.

Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers
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There is an astrological connection between the tiger's eye and the zodiac. Everything is divided by the planets that rule this sign. Tiger Eye is ruled by the Sun and Mars. If and only if the ruler of a constellation is directly opposite the ruler of the tiger's eye, then you should not wear them.

How can you find out which planets collide with those of Tiger Eye? They are Venus and Saturn.

That being said, here are the zodiac signs that shouldn't wear tiger eyes:

· Taurus

· Libra

· Capricornus

· Aquarius

· Virgo

You might be wondering, why? Well, if you are one of the zodiac signs mentioned above, you should not wear tiger eye stones. These signs are thought to lead to arrogance and disaster. It also radiates negative energy such as dullness and anxiety.

Nonetheless, tiger eyes are great for jewelry making. It can be crafted into necklaces, rings, armbands, and more. It can also be used as a material for clothing.

Wearing tiger eyes has always been a custom – as long as your planet is parallel to it.

Tigers Eye Energy Color

Tigers Eyes have healing-related properties related to their color.

Blue: Blue Tiger Eye is a soothing and stress-relieving stone. It can help irritable, nervous and stubborn people. It also helps reduce metabolism, calms excessive libido, and relieves sexual irritability.

Red: Red Tiger Eye is a motivational gem that can help you get rid of stench and become motivated. Conversely, blue tiger eye can boost metabolism. Low libido can also be exacerbated.

Yellow/Gold: Yellow or golden tiger eyes release calming energy, which is good for those who want to clear their minds, develop better intuition, release tension, stimulate the senses, relieve stress and depression.

How to Care for Tigers Eye

Great care must be taken when using Tigers Eye. It deserves good maintenance due to the positivity and great energy it brings.

Even though it's considered a durable mineral, tiger's eye still shatters easily. If you are using the Tigers Eye as a home or office decoration, it must be kept in a safe place from falling or breaking. If placed on an elevated surface, such as a tabletop or TV, it needs to be kept away from edges.

Any charm requires care. Remember, the way we treat things reflects our personality.

How to Cleanse Tigers Eye

Would you like to give a tiger's eye as a gift? You'd better clean it up first. That's it:

1. Immerse in salt and water solution overnight.

2. Wash with clean water.

3. Leave in the sun for a few hours.

4. Wipe with a cotton cloth.

The steps listed above are essential to keep Tigers Eye gems clean. An important part of the procedure is protecting Tigers Eye from scratches and abrasions.

It is also highly recommended to perform such a procedure every three months to maintain its pleasant atmosphere.

How to program tiger eye

Any charm requires its holder to program it to function fully. If you want to experience the optimism and optimism that Tigers Eye brings, follow these steps to activate it:

1. Find a quiet place to sit, release tension, and stay calm.

2. Slowly close your eyes and feel the peace around you.

3. Hold the gem and place it on the area of the chakra you want to awaken (root, sacral, solar plexus).

4. Empty your mind and fill your soul with the power of Tigers Eye as it opens your door to miracles.

Life is how we live. Whether we do good or bad, only time will tell. Amulet like Tigers Eye is just an add-on. The impact of these gems is huge. We should use them wisely and remember that we are always responsible for what happened, happened and will happen.

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