Larimar: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

What is Larimar?

Larimar is a rare precious gemstone found only in a small area of the globe, a small mountain range in the Dominican Republic, and has remained one of the best-kept secrets among rare gemstones. Due to volcanism, a unique mixture of minerals dissolved in cooling hydrothermal fluids crystallized into Larimar.

Larimar: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

Most mined Larimar has a green hue and contains defects that prevent it from being used in high-end jewelry. Instead, the largest Larima, with a solid blue tint and no cracks, can be obtained accidentally while mining. The cooling and mixing in Larimar's creative process results in its distinctive asymmetrical patterns and tones.

Larimar Meaning

Larimar was discovered on a beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic in 1974, according to Peace Corps members and locals. The buried jewels are said to have been displaced by the earthquake. The Larimar samples were submitted to geologists at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington after their discovery.

The name of this rare gemstone was established by the great artisan Miguel Méndez, who worked with Larimar. Thus, the name Larimar is a combination of his daughter's name "Larissa" and the Spanish "mar" which means "sea".

Larimar: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

Larimar is a blue Pectolite. This solid material, often accompanied by other crystals such as hematite, develops in basalt lava caves. The copper traces create a bright blue hue, but all Larimar crystals have distinct white streaks. Higher quality gemstone shades will be darker and may include clear parts as well as sky blue variations.

Due to its island habitat and unique aquamarine hue, it is classified as a water stone, which is odd given that Larimar is primarily formed of volcanic lava. Larimar is also described as a rare stone that perfectly balances fire and water.

For years, it has been claimed that the rare sky-blue stone is associated with marine dolphins. Crystal healers occasionally use Larimar to harness the bright and loving energy of dolphins to help heal a variety of modern ailments. Some even claim to be able to have psychic conversations with aquatic animals.

Besides, nothing compares to Larima. The fact that one can only find it in one place in the Caribbean attracts crystal lovers. Larimar is considered one of the most popular crystals in the world due to its crystalline properties and renowned blue-green light and healing abilities.

Healing Properties of Larimar

Larimar is believed to have many health advantages. Larimar is said to provide spiritual, emotional and spiritual benefits in addition to enlightenment and healing. It is also believed to activate various internal and external body components, leading to deeper expression and understanding.

According to urban mythology, no matter where you are, just having it nearby will instantly reunite you with your inner devotion. It also reduces tension, calms temper, calms fear, and brings harmony to body, mind and soul. Larimar represents tranquility and clarity and radiates healing and loving energy.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Once you learn to distinguish between constructive and destructive negative emotions, you may begin to let go of destructive emotions, which is one of Larimar's health advantages. It also helps identify self-imposed limitations and self-destructive behaviors, especially pain-oriented behaviors, and helps regain self-discipline and control over life.

Larimar works with the heart to release emotions, remove old emotional patterns and break down the walls formed around the heart as a protective mechanism. It helps reduce fear and anxiety by enhancing emotional function, balancing energy and stress-related imbalances – Larimar helps to acknowledge guilt and restore feelings of calm and integrity when you are guilty. It also allows you to re-establish a more natural state of fun and childish energy. Having a sense of self-esteem and affection for oneself motivates the bearer to share that emotion with others.


When combined with yogic breathing techniques, Larimar can help you gain more clarity in your life. This gemstone is an excellent exercise for promoting simplicity, open-mindedness and yin energy. The therapeutic qualities of Larimar can help both men and women enhance their femininity, intuition and receptivity. Larimar makes it easy to enter a deep meditative state.

Larimar eliminates self-destructive behavior, especially the desire to become a martyr. Additionally, it naturally increases awareness and aligns you with new vibrations by integrating mind and body. It stimulates the throat chakra and brings a feeling of tranquility, confidence and creativity. When you take control of your life, you will be able to remove self-imposed barriers and limitations.


Stress, sometimes referred to as the "silent killer," is an important issue that contributes to a variety of medical ailments in today's society. Larimar is a calming gem that relieves tension and organically benefits the entire body. It can help women manage stomach cramps in the third trimester, combat severe pain after childbirth, and prevent postpartum depression.

Physically, Larimar is undoubtedly helpful. It helps treat cartilage and throat problems and remove blockages in the head, neck and chest. Alternative therapies, such as those using radiation or water, benefit more from the use of Larimar. You can also use gemstones to treat bipolar disorder and to treat extreme emotions by acting as an antitoxin.

You can also reduce infection, body temperature and edema by using this stone. Larimar can better relieve high blood pressure, stress and other symptoms. The stone is also used to treat stress-related skin conditions such as hives, rashes, inflammation and psoriasis.


Larimar is also associated with the energy of the sky and ocean. As such, it helps women restore natural compassion and reconnect with nature. It exudes a sense of energy, joy and self-control. It helps individuals reunite with their feminine, unrestricted and vulnerable nature.

At the same time, Larimar benefits the spiritual and cellular realms. A wonderful mineral that protects one's physical health and condition. Larimar is also the earth's healing stone as it represents clarity and serenity, radiating divine and healing energies.

Wearing Larimar

Since it is attached to the throat chakra, Larimar is most beneficial when worn as an ornament, especially as a pendant. However, wearing the Larimar as an accessory will quickly destroy it due to its hypersensitive properties, mainly if you spend a few hours in the sun. If you're using a Larimar pendant, keep it under your clothing as much as possible in direct sunlight to maintain a strong blue hue.

Larimar at Home and at Work

Larimar works with water power, which is associated with calm, peaceful power and cleanliness. It represents untapped talent. It's also soft and intangible, yet sturdy. As a result, the water element imparts the ability to regenerate and resurrect.

Larimar: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

It is the power of the human cycle. Larimar stones can be used to improve any place used for relaxation, peaceful meditation or meditation. Water energy is usually connected to the living space or the northern half of the house. Its fluid vitality ensures energy balance as your presence expands and flows, and it connects to the work and future course areas.

You can put it next to your smartphone or laptop at home or in the office, where you are in constant contact with everyone, or in places where people gather, such as your cooking area or living area. By placing Larimar in these areas, you can guarantee that the soothing and connecting properties of the crystal will purify all discussions and activities that take place there. It will protect everyone involved in these encounters from falling into destructive mental habits instead of making things productive and rewarding.

Meditation with Larimar

It's a lovely meditation gem, as its potential benefits for interaction extend to communion with cosmic deities. The use of Larimar gemstones in meditation can be accomplished through a variety of techniques, depending on your specific preference and general method of concentration.

For example, you might want to wear some Larimar accessories near your flesh and let the best impulses of crystals guide your meditation journey.

People and Relationships

Larimar will help you create high-affinity connections with everyone and yourself. Therefore, the first aspect of developing a good connection with others is to have a positive interaction with yourself.

It helps you communicate your emotions successfully, identify bad and harmful emotions, and eliminate them in a healthy way of working.

There are many emotions that are true, but it's hard to tell them apart. For example, anger can be a beneficial feeling if it motivates us to improve and correct wrongdoing. However, it can also be a highly toxic feeling without any beneficial consequences. Both types of anger feel the same when we feel them. But they are not the same.

Larimar Crystal Therapies

Gem Larimar is a truth seeker. The seeker possesses a rich source of power, connecting the inner power of the stone with the innate potential of the sentient inner self to expand horizons and possibilities.

New beginning gems are points, guides and gauges. These are researchers, explorers, predators, travelers, and pioneers, all at once. Plus, they're a gem for students and professors alike.

Larimar is also an excellent gem to keep beside your bed for a restful and enjoyable night's sleep. If you suffer from terrible nightmares or insomnia from worry, this gem can help. If you have a Larimar and can't rest due to anxiety, putting it next to your pillow so you can keep it and touching it with your fingers before going to sleep is one of the common ways to relax your brain.

Larimar and Chakras

Larimar is used to treat mouth ulcers, gastritis, toothache and asthma on a physiological basis. These healing properties of Larimar suggest that it is associated with and has a strong affinity for the throat chakra. Communication is essential in any partnership, whether at home or in business. Because of its connection to the Throat Chakra, Larimar enables many people to communicate effectively and quietly with relatives and friends. At work, this diamond helps you maintain positive relationships with colleagues and effectively communicate your requests to supervisors.

Larimar Shapes and Forms

Larimar naturally comes in a variety of shades of blue, from faint to vivid volcanic blue, which gets its color during its formation. Larimar's distinctive blue color comes from copper inclusions, which may also be responsible for the blue-green color of the gem. Almost all Larimar gemstones necessarily contain white swirls. It is difficult to find an absolutely pure blue variety of this stone. White color is one of the determinants of the value of Larimar gemstones.

The vivid blue variety of Larimar, also known as Volcano Blue, is the most valuable, with the least amount of white marbling. It will sell for a high price. On the other hand, white larimar with a light blue color are considered the least valuable.

Larimar: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

Larimar is usually transparent, although it can also have areas of reflective glass. While there are some slightly sheer variations, Larimar is mostly dense and has a lovely smooth sheen. Because it usually forms a dome design or cabochon, this gemstone has a cloud-like pattern.

Larimar is a somewhat fragile mineral with a Mohs scale of 4.5 to 5. The composition of Larimar is difficult to carve into different forms, which consist of many inclusions. Larimar is cut into cabochons of various shapes, including pears, circles, triangles and ovals. Larimar is sometimes sculpted with unusual curvatures to accentuate a particular palette or to highlight interesting trends. These gems are perfect for another decoration.

Natural Larimar gemstones can be expensive, depending on their quality. It looks lovely with bright green flecks, brown flecks or other shades due to molecular defects on the outside. On the other hand, a perfect navy blue Larimar gem fetches the highest price. If the cost seems surreal when it comes to getting Larimar, you are not getting natural stone and you are not approaching a reputable or legitimate merchant.

Larimar Crystal Combinations

Larimar is a rising gem of optimism, perfect for interaction. So you can use it with a variety of different gems and minerals. Any other gemstones you associate with it may have allergic or harmful effects. In other words, there's no need to be overly cautious about how to match it. Exploring your options is your best bet.

Suppose you want to learn more about Larimar's mysterious abilities.

Depending on the spiritual aspect you want to explore in a scene like this, you can match it with amethyst or agate.

Larimar: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

If you want to build a solid spiritual foundation, amethyst would be a better choice because of its cerebral properties. If you have a foundation that has not yet interacted with a more significant influence, the Onyx will approach angels or heavenly entities and come into contact with their powers.

You can pair Larimar with gems that help transfer energy to other chakras as it is an excellent healing gem for the throat chakra. You can also combine it with other chakra gemstones to relieve specific problems caused by blockages or impulsive behavior in multiple chakras.

Larimar Origin

As the gem's moniker suggests, the Dominican Republic is a major supplier of gem-quality Pectolite or Larimar stones. You can find other comparable and comparable Larimar gem variants in many other places. Pectolite faceted crystals are also produced in Thetford Mines and Asbestos in Quebec, Canada, and are evident in shades ranging from white to bright blue-green.

Alaska produces large quantities of emerald-shaped gemstones as well as fine-grained bright blue minerals. Cementitious stones have also been found in Greenland, Morocco, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Japan, the Czech Republic, Russia and Sweden.

Larimar Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Larimar is not a traditional birthstone, nor is it a standard zodiac gemstone. However, this azure gemstone is one of the traditional birthstones for those born around February and March, as the world looks forward to the winter solstice and spring. The natural birthstone for those born in spring is Larimar in the form of turquoise.

Larimar Energy Color

The color power of Larimar is a soft blue. Blue gemstones can create confidence, tolerance, empathy, respect and a desire to be more genuine, responsible and honest. The azure gemstone helps us accept life, develop patience, resolve conflicts and make up for it.

They are great for helping us get rid of bad habits or harmful behaviors, calm down, and become more trustworthy and happy. Light blue gemstones can also help with grief, say goodbye to the past, and get rid of remorse.

Larimar also taps into the dynamism of turquoise. We are moved by a fresh, passionate energy as the flesh and being develops. It is a source of optimism, knowledge and balance. Turquoise balances richness, brings peace after a disaster, reduces tension, and balances polarity. It helps control aggression and manage anger. It brings us back to the core. The power of turquoise promotes inner balance and serenity by gaining inspiration in brighter colors.

How to Care for and Cleanse Larimar

While some Pectolite crystals, such as Larimar, are durable gemstones, their hardness range makes them prone to scratching. Accidental shocks or slight bumps can cause diamonds to shatter or crack. You should not use strong cleaners and abrasives as they can damage the outer layer and reduce its quality.

Larimar jewelry is best cleaned with mild soapy water and gentle bristles. Also, please do not use an ultrasonic cleaner on jewelry as it may damage it. Make sure your Larimar stones don't come into contact with compounds found in household cleaners, makeup, hairspray, and even perfume.

Do not wear the Larimar during activities, diving, housework or landscaping. This gemstone is sensitive to light. Therefore, a lot of sun exposure and other important factors are discouraged as the shade may fade over time. Also, avoid storing Larimar with other gems; instead, isolate it in a textile display case or clean microfiber and keep it in a cool place.

How to Program Larimar

Placing Larimar gemstones at work or at home helps create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. These gems help reduce stress, as their frequency instantly puts you into a deep meditative state, making them an excellent tension reliever.

Using gemstones in necklaces or healing the throat chakra will help release someone's deepest knowledge.

Also, using these azure gemstones during your practice can help you attract the spirit and synchronise with God by amplifying its frequency.

Final Thoughts on Larimar

Many aspects of Larimar's abilities are uncertain. However, it is beneficial as it relates to the chakra system and water composition.

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